A workforce wellness platform that takes a community-based, data-driven approach and cutting your health expenditures
Why focus on workplaces?
The World Health Organization & the International Labor Organization have found that while workplace fatalities have decreased in recent years, work-related illnesses have increased. They believed that these illnesses may be linked to some of the more subtle aspects of working conditions, such as a culture of working long hours, hostile environmentals, & organizational injustice.

Despite the significant impact that the workplace environment has on health, many workplaces either do not adopt health promotion programs, or stop at one or two initiatives that focus on health behavior
The workplace is now understood to be a priority setting for health promotion due to two principal reasons:
It offers an opportunity to support the promotion of health in a large audience
Being employed and having good working conditions are now recognized as significant determinants of health at both individual and population levels.
The solution we provide
Day3’s first solution, Project Fort, is a daily assessment tool and centralized dashboard providing companies with real-time insights into the health and well-being of their remote workforce.

By collecting, aggregating, and analyzing health data, the platform aims to serve as both a vantage point from which management can make informed decisions towards protecting their employees, and a wall of security giving workforces the peace of mind they need to stay productive in these heightened times.
Project Fort Method
Health is not just the absence of the disease, it's the state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing.
A holistic approach prevents diseases and empowers individuals to make healthier decisions.
Employees need support in navigating their way through a health system that helps them when they're sick or just want to be healthier.
Most employees suffer from lifestyle-related diseases that require more than just medicine to manage and cure.
Why invest in workforce wellness?
We ensure a healthy working environment for your employees
We ensure the operationally sustainability of your business
At the same time, the costs associated with providing an optimally healthy workplace can be recouped through increased productivity, decreased staff turnover and reduced sickness absence rates.
Powered by Day Three Innovations - the nation’s first health tech venture builder.
At Day3, we believe health is the bedrock of all human endeavor, and that no innovation is worth pursuing if it doesn’t have the improvement of human life at its core.

Our mission is to develop and scale local tech solutions to global health problems. We believe every person should have access to the tools theyneed to maximize their health and control thequality of their lives.
Our Team
Supported by Day3 Innovations, our team brings together expertise in public health, data strategy, science communication, finance, and tech development.
Erika Modina, MS
CEO & Founder
Day3 Chief Health Officer
Santiago Arnaiz, MS
COO & Co-Founder
Day3 COO
Ronin Core Services
Financial Services
Irni Gemzon, MD, MBA
Health Officer
Joanne Pamin, MD, MBA
Health Officer
Joel Go
Richard Prodigalidad
Catherine Jalandoni
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Whether you're a startup founder championing talent, or a manager handling a massive corporate community, we have the tools and expertise to help you build a healthier workforce.
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