Real-time insights into the holistic wellbeing of your workforce.
Monitor your employees
Regular health check-ins feeding powerful analytics tools
Wellbeing, at a glance
Monitor symptoms. Identify priority cases. Unlock powerful data-driven insights. All on one platform.
Share information
Keep your people in the loop with news and updates.
Platform Benefits
A health monitoring toolkit for measuring workforce wellbeing and tracking health needs as they develop.
Powerful analytics
Daily dashboard of health metrics, generating automated analyses for population-based care.
Vital Information
Resource center for the latest developments and best practices around workforce wellbeing.
Daily check-ins
Tools for employees to track their own health, as well as for management teams to track their needs as they develop.
Announcement Portal
Platform for ensuring your commnity stays informed with important news and internal announcements.
How it works
Our Pricing
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Semi Annual
₱ 150,000.00
₱ 260,000.00
₱ 500,000.00
Health Strategy in Months
No. of Data Reports
Seperated, but never alone
Our platform aims to keep you connected with your workforce, whether at home or on the frontlines.
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Let's fortify your workforce
Whether you're a startup founder championing talent, or a manager handling a massive corporate community, we have the tools and expertise to help you build a healthier workforce.
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