A subscription-based consultancy service
We specializes in analyzing health data to developwellness strategies for corporate communities.

Edge utilizes our monitoring and telemedicine tools for a more guided, streamlined ProjectFort experience.
How it works
We begin by establishing a baseline of health for the workforce and identifying the community's most vulnerable members.
Then we assess workplace health factors, across your employees‘ physical, mental, and social work environments.
And we incorporate all that into a dynamic health strategy that we develop and deploy alongside you.
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The edge we provide
Dedicated Project Fort Health Officer
Workforce Wellness strategy (design, deployment, and impact assessment)
Daily health monitoring and telemed consultations
Baseline and surveillance testing
Health data analysis and regular reports
3 things project fort can provide
Go beyond ‘Do No Harm’
Positive Reputation Attracts Talent
Healthy Workforce = Corporate Agility
Subscription Packages
We offer our health data consultancy service in three packages. For companies with more specific needs, contact us and we'd be happy to explore how best we can tailor Project Fort to meet your requirements.
Platform Fee
Access to all regular reports & workforce wellness dashboard
₱ 5,000
Employee Rate
For smaller teams, rates start at
₱ 80 / employee
Contact us for a list of our premium options, such as a dedicated wellness officer & SMS-based notifications.
Frequently Asked Questions
How does this service differ from the usual corporate health packages?
Every company is a unique mix of people, processes, and places. And so when it comes to managing and improving the wellbeing of your workforce, a cookie-cutter approach just doesn’t make sense. Today, most companies engage with health maintenance organizations and similar providers to give their employees benefits they may or may not use by the end of the year. While premiums may vary, their offerings are largely static. It’s a one-size-fits-all approach that rarely fits anyone.
Our goal at Project Fort is to ensure your company has the systems, tools, and expertise to not only treat illnesses when they crop up, but proactively help your workforces grow healthier. We design dynamic health strategies that meet the needs of your workforce as they arise. With access to Project Fort’s network of health professionals, strategists, and data scientists—as well as full use of its proprietary suite of digital wellness tools—clients can truly fortify their workplaces, building healthier communities for the decades to come.
How exactly will my company benefit from this service?
We know that when it comes to employee care, there’s a delicate balancing act happening in boardrooms across the country between ensuring a healthy work environment and ensuring business sustainability. That’s never been made more evident than in the past year. But we believe that with the right approach to wellness, businesses can readily strike that balance and thrive. 
Companies that have moved beyond a “do no harm” approach and invested in proactive health strategies such as those we offer at Project Fort have found that the investments they make in providing an optimally healthy workplace are easily recouped in concrete ways including increased productivity, decreased staff turnover and reduced sickness absence rates. And where hiring and keeping top talent is a priority, having a reputation of investing in workers’ welfare can be a deciding factor in good employees deciding to work for your company. For these reasons, we see maintaining the wellbeing of one’s workforce as an investment in the future. 
Is this service designed to replace our company’s existing health benefits?
While Project Fort is designed to be a full-suite service connecting companies with the products, services, and experts they need to manage the wellbeing of their employees, we want to ensure that companies that have ongoing engagements with HMOs or other similar providers can still benefit from our services. So we’ve developed our fortified workplace model to adjust to both the workforce’s needs and existing health resources.
As part of this model, health officers study how to best utilize the resources employees are provided, and fold them into the strategies they design wherever possible. That way, we help companies spend less on redundant benefits, and more on truly impactful strategies.
Why are the packages designed in quarterly cycles?
When it comes to workforce wellness, we, at Project Fort, value long-term improvements over short-term results. That’s based on the belief that wellness is a lifelong commitment. In order to build sustainable strategies that actually help workforces achieve better health, we work with management teams and employees to design, develop, deploy, and assess strategies. As such, our quarterly package is the shortest engagement we can provide while still keeping to our standard of quality and impact.
While longer term engagements mean we can accomplish more consistent improvements in health, we also understand that companies have varying needs and may want to explore our approach to workforce wellbeing on a smaller scale.

Is my company too small or too big for this service?
Project Fort is built to scale easily to the needs of corporate communities of all sizes. While we’ve designed our services for workforces of 50 to 100 employees, we can readily serve companies of any size, with minimal variation in pricing. Feel free to contact us for a more accurate quote based on your workforce’s size and needs.
Is this service only for Filipino companies?
Just as we hold ourselves to global healthcare standards, we pride ourselves in our nuanced approach to developing strategies that actively help people achieve better health. To do that, we study local needs and shifting regulations to tailor Project Fort to service the needs of Filipino communities.
In the next few years, we hope to take this same nuanced approach to other regions looking to build healthier communities for decades to come.
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