Dart by Project Fort
Track health needs. Strategize with data. Fortify your community.

Dart is a wellness tool designed to keep you on top of employee needs through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Daily monitoring, made simple.

The quick employee check-in tool allows you to track your community's health and pinpoint those most in need. All in two minutes a day.

Data-driven insights from public health experts.

Designed by global experts in public health, our tools analyze your community's data to give you the insights you need to ensure their safety.

Physical, mental, social wellbeing. Connect with employees, both onsite and remote
Workforce needs, organized and in your inbox every day.
Data-driven insights from our health experts on how to better safeguard your workforce.
Monthly Wellness Reports
In-depth analyses, covering a broad spectrum of data insights, from physical health to productivity, to mental wellbeing.
Platform Features
Health Summaries
Daily health summaries and weekly insights sent straight to your portal.
Check-in Tool
Simple employee check-in tool, accessible via any internet-enabled device.
Wellness Reports
Comprehensive wellness reports from our health data experts, available for premium and enterprise users.
Let's fortify your workforce
Whether you're a startup founder championing talent, or a manager handling a massive corporate community, we have the tools and expertise to help you build a healthier workforce.
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