We build health strategies that are better for your people, and better for your business.
Find out how you can reduce health plan spending, increase productivity savings, and improve overall workforce wellbeing
Our clients have saved upwards of 60% on their health expenditures using Project Fort.
We build dynamic wellness strategies for the modern workforce. 
Project Fort is a data-driven wellness consultancy, using the best technologies to deliver the best possible care for your workforce.
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The Fortified Workplace Framework
Based on the World Health Organization's guidelines on healthy work environments, the Fortified Workplace Framework employs a population-based approach to health, built on four core pillars of wellness:
Physical work environment
Psychosocial work environment
Employee health resources
Community Care

With these four pillars, we work with key stakeholders in your company to design, develop, and deploy health strategies tailored to the needs of your workforce.

Ethics and Values
The Fortified Workforce Framework is a five-phase, continuous cycle, beginning with a shared set of ethics and values.
Our Tools
The Edge we provide
Our subscription-based consultancy service uses digital tools and health data analysis to build wellness strategies that are better for your employees — and for your business.
Using our dynamic, data-driven system, our clients observed:
Employee engagement rate
Monitored employees utilization
Reduction in testing-related expenses
Why Invest in Project Fort Method?
The great benefit of Project Fort’s Healthy Workplace Model is that it can be adapted to create a “best fit” to any workplace situation.
Our agile, future-facing culture ofcollaboration.
Our in-roads into traditional and new media channels.
Our central position at the nexus of talent, funding, and expertise.
Our partnerships with traditional healthcare institutions, as well as with leading local innovation hubs across industries.
What our community loves about Project Fort
Pen and paper questionnaires are too unwieldy and prone to human error. We’re working with a skeletal team here, so the only way to manage this is by injecting some technology. With this system, information is automatically shared across the admin team. As soon as someone is flagged as a priority case, we have processes in place to respond.
Glenn Espiritu, Quality System and Audit Lead overseeing health protocols at Ever Gotesco
When I was managing a potential COVID-19 outbreak at a client company, Project Fort was my eyes and ears on the ground. It was an early warning system that told us who we needed to pay attention to. Using these tools, we were able to design a targeted testing system that allowed for faster, more cost-effective outbreak management, bringing testing-related costs down by about 88.8 percent.
Dr. Joanne Pamin, Project Fort Health Officer
Employee health is not just the absence of physical illness. In order to have a healthy and productive workforce, our approach towards health should be proactive and has to be seen in a bio-psycho-social context.
Dr. Irni Gemzon, Project Fort Health Officer
Let's fortify your workforce
Whether you're a startup founder championing talent, or a manager handling a massive corporate community, we have the tools and expertise to help you build a healthier workforce.
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